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Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County

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One Visit Per Week            Two Visits Per Week

1 Dog -   $11.00/visit                      1 Dog -   $8.50/visit
2 Dogs - $13.50/visit                      2 Dogs - $10.50/visit
3 Dogs - $15.50/visit                      3 Dogs - $12.50/visit
4 Dogs - $18.00/visit                      4 Dogs - $14.50/visit

Please visit our "Rates" page for Every Other Week or Every 4 Weeks service rates.


 Upgrade & Premium Rates per visit
Upgrade Disposal - Add $1.00/dog per week
Premium Spray - Add $1.00/1dog, $2.00/2dogs
$3.00/3dogs, $4.00/4dogs

Spring Clean Ups

Spring clean up prices can vary depending on the accumulation. Please call or e-mail for a custom quote.
e-mail :  nopoopoo@poopscouts.com


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    Our Poop Scouts report that even after a firm talking to, DOG POOP still won’t pick itself up!! Furthermore, DOG POOP won’t magically disappear in the rain and snow. In fact, DOG POOP can take well over a full year to break down naturally.     

 If DOG POOP is left alone, it overwhelms dog owners with its ever growing army of  Terds. Gaining strength as it persistently marches across your yard and gets tracked into your home. Bringing with it nasty friends like E Coli, Toxoplasmosis, & Worms.     

 Only The Poop Scouts are equipped  to fight these evil forces of poop and their fecal assault. With years of experience and a keen eye for the unpleasant, The Poop Scouts  are your best defense against this formidable foe. Our patented equipment was specifically designed to battle all known kinds of DOG POOP & in every weather condition, even snow & ice.

So, armed with a fancy tool and secret formula spray,  The Poop Scouts have the right stuff  to free you from those ugly chains of poop forever. 

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